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Spring Ahead With New Tires!

March 26th, 2014
As Springtime hits full swing it is important to consider the condition of your tires, and the overall maintenance of your vehicle. Need tires Ridgely, MD? Let Doug's Tire Service help!
Have the treads on your tires checked regularly and let us help you become knowledgeable about when it is time to change your tires. Tires with proper treads offer the most grip in inclement weather, helping you avoid hydroplaning.    
As far as auto repair Ridgely, MD goes, changing your windshield wipers, keeping break inspections up to date and regular servicing go a long way to maintaining your safety and saving you money in the long run. Always use common safety practices such as driving with both hands, increasing distance between surrounding vehicles and not accelerating or braking suddenly when hydroplaning, instead lightly tapping on the gas until the traction has returned to your vehicle.  
Doug's Tire Service is dedicated to customer safety and excellence in service. Offering the most up-to-date technology and quality products to customers including tire brands such as Bridgestone & Firestone. Providing tires and auto repair services to Ridgely, MD, customer care is a top priority to Doug's Tire Service, where we show customers each day tires and auto repair does not have to be a burden.
Schedule a Spring tune up online with our easy to use appointment booking system, you can see available appointments, auto service tips and current specials all from the click of a button. While scheduling your appointment find our full array of services, products and information, even get a free quote for your service.
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